15 Beautiful Candle Holders You Can DIY


We all love candles, and candles need candleholders, unless you want wax dripping everywhere. So here’s 15 different cool ideas for candleholders you can make easily. It would be really cool to make a few of each, and have them all over the house! I really like the “marble paint” votives in the picture above. So have fun and pick the project you want to do most, and create a little atmosphere in your house.


1. Scalloped Block Candle Holders: We sure get warm and fuzzy when office supplies are used to create stunning DIYs. Here, dot stickers make a clean scalloped edge around the center of these thin wooden blocks. But it’s not a candle holder until there’s a place for the candle! For that, just whip out your power drill.


2. Stenciled Burlap Candle Holders: Deer and burlap? A perfect combination! Animal prints are hot right now—even for the home—so these rustic candle holder covers are right on trend.


3. Mason Jar Lanterns: These mason jar lanterns are so dreamy, especially when topped with a sprig of dried lavender or seasonal pine! A hearty leather belt acts as a strap that lets you tote it around wherever you go.


4. Spice Mill Candle Holder: Would you ever guess that these far out candle holders are IKEA spice mills? We sure didn’t, but now that we know, we keep eyeing our pepper grinder, ‘cause this is a DIY we just HAVE to try.


5. Glitter Votive Holder: This wouldn’t be a Brit + Co roundup without including something sparkly, and this gold glitter votive perfectly fits the bill. Get ready for super sparkles when the candle light hits this holder!


6. Lace Cement Votives: The mix of hard concrete and soft lace is a look we just can’t get enough of. These heavy duty candle holders would look perfect on a wooden dining table or lining a low windowsill.


7. Skinny Copper Candleholder: You’ll have to use a little muscle to get the look of this sleek candle holder, but we think it’s totally worth it. Wrap a thin copper pipe around a circular base, use pliers to bend, then wedge a candle right on top.


8. Constellation Votives: Now every night is a starry night with these awesome constellation votives. Poke your favorite star pattern through a flat disc of oven bake clay, then get ready to get your gaze on!


9. Wooden Dipped Candle Holders: So you bought a pair of wooden eggs and don’t remember why? Well, turning them into mint-dipped candle holders might be the best save we’ve ever seen—this duo is seriously breathtaking.


10. Block Birthday Candle: This candle holder DIY will help you avoid nasty wax drippings on your next birthday cake. Now that’s something to celebrate! Three cheers for these tiny block candle holders!


11. Marble Painted Votives: Here’s another way to get mixed up in themarble trend. To get this gorgeous look, quickly scribble watery paint around the inside of clear glass votives. Way to channel your inner Picasso!


12. Concrete Votive Holder: This long concrete candle holder would look right at home in a cool loft or modern office space. Soften up this table topper by surrounding it with beautiful succulents!


13. Rope Wrapped Candle Holder: Add a rustic feel to your home decor with this DIY. What was once a cardboard core of painters tape is now a beautiful candle holder thanks to rope wrapping. Mind—blown!


14. Film Negative Candle Holders: Even before digital photography, finding something cool to do with your negatives was a serious challenge. Wrapping them around a votive makes perfect sense—the candle flame will bring your lost images to life!


15. Tree Slice Candle Holder: We’ve used thin cross sections of wood before to make playful chalkboard paint serving trays, and this way to use it is just as cool. So why choose one over the other when you could have the best of both worlds: chalkboard paint tree slice candle holders, anyone?




Source: brit