11 Adorable Heart-Themed Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas


A heart shape may be the most obvious Valentine’s Day motif—so we challenged ourselves to find fresh, stylish crafts featuring the ubiquitous shape. Decorate your home for the romantic holiday with one of these fun and simple ideas.

Valentine’s Day Hearts


It was love at first sight when we spotted blogger Tiffanie Turner’s take on crepe-paper hearts. Use them as ornaments, a garland, door hanger, or just basic decoration.

Embossed Velvet Pillow 


Emily Henderson crafted this sweet pillow that can be used throughout the year.

Heartfelt Sweater


Wear your heart on your sleeve! Transform any sweater into a romantic fashion statement by tweaking store-bought elbow patches.

Framed Hearts


It takes little more than a frame, strips of carboard, and spray glue to craft this sweet number.

Custom Puzzle


Talk about a perfect fit: The eight chipboard pieces that form the base of this heart-shaped puzzle cost just $1.20!

Floral Wreath


Forgo the typical bouquet for a heart-shaped wreath adorned with myrtle stems and garden roses.

Fabric Hearts


Blogger Brooke Reynolds’s downloadable heart template makes these adorable gift tags a cinch to make.

Painted Hearts


A perfect craft to take on with your little ones—let them get their fingers dirty with acrylic paint and foam hearts.

Heart Pillows


Why have one pillow when you can have three? Designlovefest’s creations will be bright, metallic additions to your couch.

Sweetheart Charms


Use felt, stuffing, and knotting thread to make Purl Soho’s super-sweet charms.

Oversized Heart Chain


We’ve been struck by how perfect this heart chain would work as a garland at our Valentine’s Day party.


Source: countryliving