Top 10 ideas to spice up your home

- Home Improvement

You probably know the old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Have you ever put that into action? The best things in life are almost free. Some of them we can use to spice up or home just a little bit more. So why don’t we take some of our old stuff and turn it in something beautiful and functional.


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Top 10 DIY Pallet tables

- Pallets Furniture

At the point when my neighbor came round to my home to inquire as to whether he could have an old wooden Pallet I had in the back greenery enclosure (used to convey some solid the prior year) obviously I said “yes, kindly do take it!” For me it was only a bit of decaying wood in the back patio nursery, yet to him it appears it was an end table that he made utilizing the bed! Keeping in mind I don’t have any photos of my neighbors I have chosen to bring you…..

Top 10 Repurposed Pallet Tables

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Four ways to repurpose and recycle household items

- Recycle

Breaking things in your home has never been a good feeling as it often means you will have to throw away the piece before its time. If you take a few minutes and look through your cabinet, you might find you have loads of broken picture frames, teacups, furniture or other household items that you might be thinking they belong in the trash. Just before you toss them out have a look at the various ways you can still find some use for them in your home and create a stunning addition to your décor.


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